We’re getting better at being sustainable. We’ve got some way to go, but we’re experimenting with packaging, suppliers, and how we deliver pizza to your door. Here’s a few ways we’re limiting our impact on the environment.


All our packaging – including pizza boxes, vegware post, brown bags and greaseproof paper – are all biodegradable or fully recyclable. Just slide the grease proof with napkin, pots and crusts into the food waste, your box should look unspoiled so it can be recycled. 


We turn every uneaten crust and crumb into energy.


Our crate is a part of the Wapping Wharf sustainability initiative, meaning just 5% of waste from the site goes to landfill.

Suppliers and food sources

Most of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers across the South West. Mozzarella from Glastonbury. Guest cheeses from Longman Cheese in Bruton. All our beers are locally brewed. Flour from Shipton Mill. Our chorizo comes from a specialist Spanish supplier, but that’s because they make it best.

Our energy suppliers are green sourced at all our sites, coming from a mixture of wind, bio fuel and solar.  


We offer free water refills at all our shops, and we give our pizza away to good causes. Our shops are free for community groups to hire, and the walls act as free advertising space for anyone in the community. Get in touch to chat about this.