Our Trusted Suppliers

From Grain to Gourmet – The Journey of Our Pizza

At Pizzarova, our passion for creating the perfect pizza is paralleled only by our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. Our journey to culinary excellence begins with selecting suppliers who share our ethos of quality without compromise. From the golden fields of Shipton Mills to the lush tomato vineyards of Italy, we embark on a global quest for premium components that meet our high standards. Every ingredient tells a story of tradition, sustainability, and flavor that culminates in a pizza experience beyond compare


Shipton Mills

In the heart of the British countryside, Shipton Mills has been refining the art of flour milling for centuries. Steeped in history and tradition, their stone-ground approach yields a flour that’s the foundation of our pizza’s unique character. The selection of Shipton Mills as our flour supplier is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Their organic, slow-milled grains give rise to a dough that’s rich in flavor, robust in texture, and perfect for a pizza that’s memorable from the first bite to the last.

Single Variety Co

Delight in the pure flavors brought to you by Single Variety Co, connoisseurs of single-variety preserves. Their commitment to simplicity allows the unique taste of each fruit to shine, crafting a range of jams and preserves that are as distinctive as they are delicious. Handpicked from the best orchards, every jar from Single Variety Co is a homage to a particular fruit variety, promising an unadulterated taste experience. Their artisanal approach and dedication to quality resonate with our mission to present our customers with nothing but the finest ingredients.

Bristol Beer Factory

Nestled in the heart of Bristol’s vibrant artisan brewing scene, Bristol Beer Factory stands out as a beacon of craft excellence. With a heritage steeped in brewing history, this independent brewery champions innovation while honoring tradition. Their diverse range of beers is meticulously crafted using the finest local ingredients, ensuring each sip delivers a taste of Bristol’s rich culture. As a cherished partner, they supply us with an array of exceptional beers that pair beautifully with our offerings, contributing to the unique dining experience we are proud to present to you.

Shipton Mills

Iford Cider is renowned for its handcrafted, small-batch ciders that are a modern twist on classic methods. Their artisanal ciders are made from apples picked from ancient trees, using varieties that have been savored for centuries. Iford’s commitment to old-world craftsmanship and a new-world approach ensures each bottle captures the pure essence of Somerset’s cider heritage.